Wednesday, 25 January 2012

So after setting up the blog with the intention of posting regularly, its been over week since our last post! The farm has been keeping Chris and his Dad busy with plenty of new calfs (Aberdeen Angus and Limousin cross as well as a hand full of British Friesian) as well as the twice daily task of milking. Inside we have been busy swapping bedrooms around to make way for our 3rd child this spring. Our 2 girls are now proud owners of a new 'butterfly and fairy' bedroom and Chris and I have inherited the not so glam study. But needs must!!

Our next Manor Farm Beef beast is due back next week so attention now turns to this. We have lots of beef boxes going off with Coast To Coast Couriers to Oxford, Manchester and London to name but a few destinations and we will be attending Driffield Farmers market and Hovingham market both on the 4th of Feb. We have decided that it is definatly still pie weather and so will be  bringing back some of our steak and kidney and steak and heart mix that proved extremely popular last autumn. 

We are finally getting geared up to offer samples to our customers on farmers market days (its only taken a year!!). One of our favourite cuts of beef is short rib of beef (also know as a Jacob's Ladder?). Its an incredible flavoured slow cooked bit of beef which our butcher expertly cuts into individual pieces. We then pack them in pairs and offer advice on how to cook them. Look out for them at Driffield and Hovingham, and don't forget to ask for a taste!

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