Monday, 27 February 2012

March Manor Farm news
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As I sit here writing this months news letter the sun is pouring in through the study window and there is not a cloud in the sky! Dougal and Hamish, the oldest of our Belted Galloway steers, are enjoying the unusually mild winter conditions lounging around out at grass. We are also continuing to welcome a number of calves at Manor Farm, including 'Bob' a beautiful looking British Blue cross bull. 'Bob' is the second calf for 'Betty' (who's first calf was named 'Boo' by our 4 year old daughter) and Betty is proving to be an extremely good mother by providing enough top quality milk to allow Bob to thrive.
Land work has also begun in earnest at Manor Farm and this month will see the final sowing of our Spring barley and beans, some of which will go into our meal mix for next winters feed. These fields have been left fallow over winter and have provided a wonderful habitat for animal species including deer, hare, game and wild birds.
Our March beef comes from another of our British Blue cross heifers who was slow grown to 24months on grass and home grown barley/bean meal (she also spent the spring, summer and autumn months grazing in front of Burton Agnes Hall). All the beef has been hung on the bone for 21 days and has been expertly butchered by Glaves at Brompton by Sawdon. 

Great British
pie week 
5th - 11th of March!


As part of the celebrations Manor Farm Beef are excited to offer the following 3 different pie mixes for you to enjoy making your own  
Great British pie!
Steak & kidney / Steak & heart / Steak mix
£4.50/700g packs